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The Strange Loyalist by Mian Mohsin Zia


"This is an excellent read for educators. Be ready for a surprise ending - one you’ll never see coming. Mian has that ability to really create three-dimensional characters." READERS' FAVORITE, USA.

"Once again MIAN provides us with a book that is written unlike any other. This novel touches on a  subject that nobody has dared to travel too in the world of the written world. 'The Strange Loyalist' is once again a beautifully written novel which explores a side of humanity like 'ONCE' that is not normally featured in books, however each of his writings have a reality-based effect that the readers can identify with. To conclude and leave your brain thinking, a favourite quote from the book 'The Strange Loyalist' is 'The decision is yours. What are you: a quixotic or  loyalist?'" PAULA PHILLIPS, Professional Book Reviewer, New Zealand.

"Overall, I did enjoy this book. This book was well written although some of the dialogue was a tad bit formal. Zia's style definitely gives a little twist to the average revenge story and I was glad to have read this. I would recommend this." DIANA @Offbeat Vagabond, Avid Book Reader and Reviewer, USA.

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Prologue of "The Strange Loyalist-----Inspired by True Events"

They say that time is the greatest healer. For me, time tormented me. Has time changed me into something I never imagined I could be? Once, I was human too. My story is very strange; if you think about it with your mind, you will never believe it, but if you think about it with your heart, you just might.

How life changes nobody can predict. Life; how is it now compared to how it was a second ago? How it was an eon ago? Things that happen this very second are different to things that happened in the seconds that have passed by. Who was I then, at that time when those things happened? Who am I now, after so many years of reflection? I am an insomniac - that face, those images, noises, visions, questions…they do not let me sleep. I do not even want to sleep until I find you and get the answers to my questions. Who are you? My focus is always on one person, you. I think about you, about every person whom I ever hurt; are you one of him or her? I remained silent, I have survived and I will destroy you. You have had your time, now the time is mine. You had everything under control then, but you do not control me. My thinking, my patience and my pain was never, and will never be, in your control. I will not only wait, I will develop myself for you, only for you. I am waiting to meet you face to face. The day we meet, I will destroy you; that is a promise.

Many people live in this world, people of different casts, creeds, religions and races. Where people exist, there exists one more thing. No, I am not talking about crowds; I am talking about relationships. Relationships shared with parents, sisters, brothers and friends. Relationships shared with society in general. How do these relationships develop? What connects people in this world? Is it the force of self-interest, personal benefit or greed that keeps us connected with each other? Surely, it is not! It is truly, and surely, the force of feelings that keeps us connected with each other. Feelings have their own language; nobody can teach anything to the language of feelings…except relationships. As long as feelings are alive, relationships are alive. No barrier can keep us apart if we have a feeling of affection, trust and unity for each other. There are three things in this world, which have no reason for their existence: Love, Trust and Respect. Why do we love someone? Similarly, why do we trust someone? Why do we respect someone? It is a reality, which does not have any reason to exist. I suffered so much for this “non-existent” reality. Did I deserve to suffer like that? Who will ever know?

Love is not just having a life partner. Love is the most momentous feeling in this universe, a feeling with different faces. We have love for our mother, sister, father, brother, friends, and sometimes, even, for strangers. Nowadays, people have indulged in so many things that they hardly care for others. They tend to be very social, religious, caring and polite, but they are all quixotic; it is a worldwide phenomenon.

I have a syndrome very seldom seen in the people of society, the loyalty syndrome. Its symptoms are common in those for whom humanity, relationships and the happiness of others matters the most; matters more than their own joy and pleasure. Comfort for them rests within the peace and solace of others. They do what they say, and they say what they believe. Nobody tells them what to do; nobody knows where they come from or to where they go. People remember them forever as “Men of GOD.” They take pride in giving, in helping, in sacrificing. I am one of them and this is my story…this is the story of The Strange Loyalist.

Blurb of "The Strange Loyalist-----Inspired by True Events"

Out of many, Mike Zander is the one: the only one. He had fame, love, success and admiration; he hated them all. He lost everything he ever had for a sister that was never his; one that slipped through his fingers like one slipped on bloody tiles. Scars of loyalty seared themselves into his soul; scars that force him to remember them when he only wishes to forget; he left them many years ago, but still, they follow him. How long will they continue to pester the present and fiddle with his future?

Mike Zander is a loyalist; caring about others more than he does about himself. Having applied and been accepted into the most prestigious educational institute the country has to offer, Mike enters the quixotic world of SOS. SOS – the prestigious School of Scholars or, as Mike quickly learns to rename it, the School of Scoundrels. It is here he learns how easily the outside beauty of people can mask their inner ugliness and infestations, and how the exact opposite can apply. It is here, at SOS, that he learns to determine in whom to put his trust and whom to avoid. It is at SOS that he observes the death of his sister and is arrested as her murderer.

Upon his exit from jail, Mike vows to find her murderer, yet who is the woman who bears his sister's exact name? Mike has to find the answer to this question and many more before his revenge is complete.

Mike, as said, is a loyalist. What are you? Will you journey with Mike and find out whether you are a loyalist like him or a quixotic like the rest of the campus population?

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The Strange Loyalist by Mian Mohsin Zia
The Strange Loyalist by Mian Mohsin Zia
The Strange Loyalist by Mian Mohsin Zia
Mian Mohsin Zia
The Strange Loyalist by Mian Mohsin Zia
The Strange Loyalist by Mian Mohsin Zia
The Strange Loyalist by Mian Mohsin Zia