Victim of Shame

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Victim of Shame by Mian Mohsin Zia


"Mian is the brightest light on Pakistan's new literary horizon. There are few authors who have Mian's ability to tap universal emotions, and present them in a style that feels absolutely authentic. Victim of Shame -- read, share, discuss!" -- BURL BARER, Edgar Award Winner and New York Times Best-Selling Author, USA.

"'Victim of Shame' delivers its readers a riveting adventure that you just can't put down! Mian Moshin Zia continues to mesmerize us. He is a master at motivating his readers and evoking emotions. He writes and shows what he describes - not just tells. I cried in the end, but I also had a feeling of fulfillment as I knew this is how it should be. There is a startling message at the end that is not to be missed as it will leave an impact on every reader." -- READERS' FAVORITE, USA.

"'Victim of Shame' gives hope where there is none. Mian creates characters you can really feel for. This is a phenomenal book. I believe it has the ability to open the eyes of people in a big way. Mian’s style of writing is really beautiful. He is able to balance dialogue, story, and background with style and grace. This book also teaches the reader about the ideation of the Christian and Muslim faiths without being preachy. I learned many things about Muslims that I didn’t know before, such as their appreciation and respect for all other religions. I think this would be a good book for anyone who enjoys a solid good book." -- JULIE ACHTERHOFF, Author, USA. 

"'Victim of Shame' weaves a tale of faith, adversity and strength, landing individuals on paths they never thought possible. I just finished reading Mian Mohsin Zia's 'Victim of Shame' and was very moved by it. 'Victim of Shame' was a pleasure to read, evoked many emotions and yes... left me thinking." -- ELLEN M. DuBOIS, Author, USA.

"A must-read for all humanity. This is a moving and thought provoking novel with a clear message for humanity. I hope it becomes widely read. I'd give it an M award for sure (M for meaningful, moving, memorable etc)" -- TAHLIA NEWLAND, Author, Australia.

"What I read kept me in supense and I did enjoy it. Beautiful title and cover. Nice job well done." -- JOANNE AUGELLO, Author, USA.

"This story was a lot darker than I usually like. There were some parts that I liked - Ryan Campbell had a lot of personal struggles to go through after a devastating accident and break-up of his engagement." -- LISA RYAN, Author, Keynote Speaker, Professional member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International, Chief Appreciation Strategist, Grategy; The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude and With Excellence; featured gratitude expert in "The Keeper of the Keys" and "The Gratitude Experiment" documentaries, USA.

"Unique story line. Mian Mohsin Zia has tried to capture a number of important themes in this book, including redemption, weaving them together through this unique story. I enjoyed watching the main character’s transformation." -- VERED EHSANI, Author, South Africa.

Thought provoking, 'VICTIM OF SHAME' is not an easy read...nor a light one. The novel is an exceptional reflection of the struggles everyone faces and the corresponding lapses in faith that can develop. You are on an emotional roller-coaster while reading this book. I realize that Mian created his city so that the reader was able to immediately identify it with a city near and dear to themselves...that is a true talent. All I can say is don't let the foray into too much religion stop you from reading the entire work. The message and spiritual journey overall is worth the read. PS - Mian - Ryan's words to Sarah were beautiful and will stay with me a long time...well written! -- RENEE NELSON, Avid Book Reader, USA.

"One Heartbeat - One Humanity - One Dream: A World of Peace. Zia’s Kafka-esque third novel is a plea for all humanity to live in peace and integrity.  Though written in English, it carries within the rhythm of all the languages of Pakistan: Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, and Blochi. The book is a flash back written from a first person point of view and is somewhat didactic. The plot meets Zia’s goal of trying to 'unmask and unveil' the frailties in every society.” -- JORJA DAVIS, Award Winning Author and Poet, USA.

"Emotions run deep for Victim of Shame, Ryan Campbell is a man on a collision course with a fate which rocked his world. The story is told from his journal which makes it all so real. He was no match to go up against his Karmic Journey. His involvement with women becomes tragic and is the root of his acquired vengeance. He inherits a great distaste for women. Ironically he befriends a woman who turns out to be his spiritual guide and tries to save him by leading him to find redemption. But is he really saved?" -- LORRAINE CAREY, Author, Children's Literature Specialist and Teacher, Cayman Islands.

"Lessons Learned Through Pain And Right Choices! How can you describe the emotions that touch your heart and reach to the core of your very being? "Victim of Shame" is not what it seems. In the prologue, the question is repeated, "Why me, God?" There are several examples given of horrible wrongdoing to innocent people who in response ask this question. Mian has shown that Karma really does exist.
The author points out that everyone in the world regardless of religion, nation, society, race, or ethnicity feels the same anguish and grieves the same pain.
The theme of religion throughout this book raises many questions as the author points them out. Questions that are difficult to hear, as well as difficult to answer.
In this book, he has a special lesson to share with his readers and several messages of importance, wisdom, and experiences to learn. For example, There is the healing power of forgiveness as well as the destructive power of vengeance.
I not only enjoyed the story, I also learned many new things as I read it. I cried and felt the same pain as I too, often ask,"Why me, God?" If you have ever reacted to a situation in a similar manner, then I implore you to pick up this book today." -- LORRAINE PRICE, Book Reviewer, USA.

"Reading the book, 'Victim of Shame: Why me, God?' was a great read. The writing flows beautifully and you are lost in the world of the characters. I found Ryan, Maria, Sarah, and even Johnny delightful characters and thoroughly enjoyed their company as they told their story. 'Victim of Shame' makes you think about the actions that you make and for the reasons that you make them." -- JAMIE MARTIN, Book Critique, USA.

"Great story of redemption and forgiveness, I enjoyed this read a lot. The story was very emotional and heavy. Overall, I did enjoy this book a lot. It was very human, but it had its moments where it straddled the line of being angry and being downright soulless. Ryan was a hard character to like and a hard character to hate. But as I said, he was very human. 
I was very invested in this story. The journey was amazing. It was full of sadness, anger, guilt, redemption, and forgiveness. This is a read that will stick with me especially the end. The book was beautifully written and I loved the scene at the end between Ryan and Sarah. I am very happy I read this. I definitely recommend it." -- DIANA @Offbeat Vagabond, Avid Book Reader and Reviewer, USA.

"Victim of Shame is now on my favorite list. I just finished 'Victim of Shame' and I'm kind-of speechless. I love a book that touches deeply and unfolds answers to hard questions throughout the story. I can relate to both main characters in my own way. This book had my eyes watering several times. This story is now on my favorite book list, thank you Author Mian Mohsin Zia." -- HEATHER MILLWARD aka H. E. OLSEN, Author, USA.

Book Trailer

Excerpt from "VICTIM OF SHAME: Why me, God?"

Deception, resentment, madness, and vengeance -- Ryan Campbell may be famous, but his life is a living hell.

Ryan Campbell is a normal man, until a tragic accident and a series of events changes his life forever. Now, he hates all women; yet he fights for their rights. An important Women’s Rights Organization honors him and praises him for his work; however, the more they praise him the more he feels like a beast. What caused his resentment towards women? What made him take up the cause and fight for women’s rights? Will Ryan ever find the answer to the question “Why me, God?”

“Young or old, from every race,
Whichever God their lives embrace,
At sorrows height, cry from inside:
Oh! Why me God, why take my pride?”

In the market, a shopkeeper teases a girl. When the girl’s mother stops him, and they leave his stall, he decides to follow them and throw acid on the girl. The girl is severely burned; 18% of her skin forever damaged. In that single moment, her life changes, and she is left questioning everything she once knew as truth. One question haunts her the most: ‘Why me, God?’ 

Ten days ago, a woman was married. Not long after the wedding, her husband is killed in a terrorist bombing. Her happiness quickly turns to insanity at losing her life partner and she has to undergo shock therapy. Throughout the treatment process, one question burns in her mind and keeps her focused: ‘Why me, God?’

Millions of people around the world face the question ‘Why me, God?’ at some point in their lives; very few find the answer they are asking for. 

This question binds three strangers together. It connects them in an intricate web of emotion and turns them into victims of shame. Ryan Campbell, Maria Ahmed and Sarah Brown; three strangers who are destined to impact each other’s lives in ways nobody would ever have anticipated. When they needed help, the world turned its back on them; leaving them alone and grappling with immense pain. Even their friends turned away when they should have offered support.

“What of my rights?
Please, don’t close your ears to me!
I need to know the truth;
So open my eyes, to what should be.”

Be careful what you post online; somebody is watching you.

“Right is wrong,
Wrong is right;
It’s all in your mind.
Life is a tale of sin:
Where should I begin 
To tell the tale? 
Scars of shame haunt my life,
The sun burns, giving everyone light:
That’s fine as long as they shine…
What if they don’t?”

In a world of lightning fast communication, one mistake can transcend time; destroy lives….or save your soul.

Ryan Campbell is a tireless champion of women’s rights. His dedication unquestioned; his deeds exemplary. There is only one problem. In his inmost heart of hearts, Ryan Campbell hates women. Every battle for gender equality is a battle against his own resentments and ingrained prejudices. The greater his deeds, the deeper his shame. Confused and full of unrest, he has only one question he can ask: “Why me, God?” Blinded by rage one day, he lashes out at an innocent woman; changing her life forever.

“Right is wrong,
Wrong is right;
It’s all in your mind.
If life has an undo button,
I cannot find it;
Even after much searching.
I want to erase those days of strife,
That mark the ruining of my life.
Can I rewind to then,
And start again?”

Sarah was a normal young woman. She was almost through with her degree and was engaged to be married. With the simple click of a button, her life changed forever. Now, abandoned by those whom she once called friends, she can only ask the question: “Why me, God?”

“A new millennium was just ten years old,
When everything went wrong
And my blood ran cold.
I was playing our favorite track of gold,
And the distance was not far to roam,
Yet, still, it took too long to return home.”

United by the question that haunts them both, Ryan and Sarah must forge a new life together. Until, one day, something happens; something terrible that causes more pain and change.

“Young or old, from every race,
Whichever God their lives embrace,
At sorrows height, cry from inside:
Oh! Why me God, why take my pride?”

Will they be able to live normal lives? Will their lives ever return to what it was before? Will sanity return?

Life presents us with many choices, circumstances, and consequences. It is up to the individual to make the best of what is presented to them. However, even what appears to be the simplest choice, decision, or circumstance can sometimes result in a massive curve ball; the overthrow of our lives as we know them. What does one do in situations when all your plans seem to have fallen to ruin?

‘Victim of Shame: Why me God?’ contains many interesting aspects as the characters journey to find the answer to their questions. Similarly, to his second novel, “ONCE”, “Victim of Shame” boasts an extensive, and exclusive, picture gallery that both augments certain scenes within the book and introduces us to the main characters. Mian shows us his mastery yet again by bringing an international team of people together and producing another fantastic book. After being acclaimed by New York Times best-selling, and Edgar award winning, author Burl Barer, and many others, for his second novel “ONCE”, Mian again raises the bar with “Victim of Shame”. The international team hails from such countries as Pakistan, South Africa, and Russia.

“Right is wrong,
Wrong is right;
It’s all in your mind.
Prayers couldn’t stop the tears:
I cried aloud,
To other’s jeers. 
And all the time my vengeance roared,
While to the sky my spirit soared.”

Within this book is a lot of religious commentary. I urge you to not let this put you off reading it. The commentary is not designed to convert you to any religion, nor does it preach one religion over another. It is there as a fantastic aid to the intricate plot, and serves as a platform for many of the characters to do things above and beyond what human beings would normally do.

“Some flowers grow best in the sun, others in the shade. That’s life. Almighty Allah always knows what is best for His people. So He puts us where we grow the best.”

“Right is wrong,
Wrong is right;
It’s all in your mind.
Karma feeds upon the seeds you sow;
As they grow,
So Karma grows.
The Bible and Quran, they say
All of us will face our Judgment day.
There is no way around
The fact that life is a testing ground.”

Everyone in the world, whether we be Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh or from any other religion, has one thing in common: whenever we are victimized, we always turn to our God with the question, ‘Why me?’ ‘Why me, God?

If Ryan and Maria can exist in harmony, a Non-Muslim and a Muslim, why can we not do the same? If they can guide and help each other through life’s struggles, why not us? If they can come to understand and respect each other, and work through their pain, without labeling each other as ‘Non-Muslim’ and ‘Muslim’, why not us?

Along with the religious commentary, this book boasts two tailor-made poems that augment the story perfectly. Come along with us as we journey with Ryan, Maria and Sarah; will they ever find the answer to the universal question: ‘Why me, God?’

“Right is wrong,
Wrong is right;
It’s all in your mind.
So now, my life just ebbs away.
Where I once stood, she stands today.
And as I grapple with my pain,
Each one stands, alone,
The 'Victim of Shame’.”

No one can go back and create a new beginning in hope that things will change, but anyone can start today and create a new ending.


Mian Mohsin Zia (Author / Male Protagonist) from Pakistan talks about “VICTIM OF SHAME"

Victim of Shame by Mian Mohsin Zia

Your experience about working on “Victim of Shame”:
It was a wonderful experience to work with my team on “VOS”. It is not very easy to choose people from different parts of the world and to form such an impeccable team. I just verse DURROOD PAK and Almighty ALLAH along with my eternal inspiration the PROPHET MOHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) helps me. Almighty ALLAH blessed me with such an impeccable team. I even look forward to work with them in the future. My team members are more than friends to me. I love them all.

Comments about “Victim of Shame”:
“VOS” is a book that will spark endless conversations, arguments and discussions. It will entertain its readers but at the same time enlighten them with thoughts that have not been given much attention.

How do you feel about working on an international project:
Working with an international team of people is always very exciting. When you interact with people from different countries you explore many new things. Moreover when you are not just a team member, but the team leader, it adds your responsibility and doubles the onus on your shoulders and minimizes the corridor of uncertainty for you.

Anything that you want to say about your Team Members:
They are all very nice and very co-operative. I owe respect to all of them. As they enjoy working with me similarly I also enjoy working with them and love them all.

Anything else:
I would like to say to my readers that “VOS” will certainly live up to their expectations. It will be another book that will stay with them long after they finish reading it. It will enlighten them with many thoughts and ideas. Above all, the book stands for itself, as the experts, such as Edgar Award winner and New York Times best-selling author Mr. Burl Barer, and other professionals from USA, have praised the book. Their kudos demonstrate the quality of the book and leave with nothing further to say. Let my readers judge it after they read it, but one thing is for sure: “VOS” will be a great entertainer that will spark endless conversations, arguments and discussions.

Regina Djilavdrova (Female Protagonist) from Russia talks about "VICTIM OF SHAME"

Victim of Shame by Mian Mohsin Zia

Your experience about working on “Victim of Shame”:
It was the first time in my life that I participated in international project. It was really interesting, but a little bit complicated for me, because I didn’t have any experience. I received priceless experience working on VOS.

Comments about “Victim of Shame”:
I think that the story is really breathtaking and exciting, because the main theme of the book is very extraordinary. I’m looking forward to reading this book.

How do you feel about working on an international project:
I felt that the world, people and nations became closer to each other. International cooperation is very significant nowadays. Working with the team of VOS, I felt like one of the members of an important international project. It was really fantastic for me!

Anything that you want to say about Mian; comments about Mian:
Mian Mohsin Zia is an excellent person and eminent writer. I deeply respect him and his family. He is a great example for me!

Anything else:
I want to express my gratitude to Mian and to all the members and participants of this international project.

Joanne Bolton (Proof-reader) from South Africa talks about "VICTIM OF SHAME"

Joanne Bolton

Your experience about working on “Victim of Shame”:
It was a wonderful experience to work with Mian on this, his third novel. After working with him on his previous two, we have developed a symbiotic relationship and a great understanding. There are still a few kinks which need to be ironed out, but I am sure that this can be done with minimal confrontation and confusion. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Comments about “Victim of Shame”:
As Mian’s experience as a writer grows, so does his command of the written word. “Victim of Shame” is an exceptionally interesting read from start to finish. Filled with religious, and moral, commentary, “Victim of Shame” takes the reader on an emotional journey from start to finish and leaved one with a comforting, happy feeling of satisfaction. The characters are easy to identify with and are very ‘human’ in their characterisation.

How do you feel about working on an international project:
I don’t really have any specific feelings about working on an international project, as I have neither dealt with nor met any of the other team members. However, knowing that I am a part of something that will undoubtedly spread around the world is both an exciting and satisfying feeling.

Anything that you want to say about Mian; comments about Mian:
We first met over MSN several years ago and the friendship has grown since then. I am grateful to Mian for his extreme patience in the face of technical disasters and mishaps. Although, at times, he can be a tad impatient, most of the time an attitude of patience is shown. I believe that the impatience stems from wanting things done quickly, and correctly, and the over-arching patience comes from the knowledge that, if you want something done properly, you cannot be too impatient with the person doing that thing for you. I am continually grateful to Mian for both his trust and his support.

Anything else:
“Victim of Shame” is a very emotional book that will touch your soul deeply. I do recommend it.

Picture Gallery of "VICTIM OF SHAME"

Victim of Shame by Mian Mohsin Zia
Victim of Shame by Mian Mohsin Zia
Mian Mohsin Zia
Mian Mohsin Zia
Victim of Shame by Mian Mohsin Zia
Victim of Shame by Mian Mohsin Zia
Victim of Shame by Mian Mohsin Zia