"Only an author can best understand another author's need." -- Mian Mohsin Zia

Client's Testimonials

“Mian completed the job on time. The quality of his work is A+. He communicated progress along the way which was much appreciated. When a problem arose he addressed it quickly and resolved any issues in a timely manner. I highly recommend this provider.” -- M. CHRIS WOLF PhD (USA)

“Mian produced excellent results in an extremely timely and professional manner. I was especially impressed with his clearly defined deliverables and the speed at which he fulfilled those commitments. I recommend him highly and I would not hesitate to work with him again. Phil” -- PHIL BILLITZ (USA)

“Mian is very responsive. I try and not give anyone a 10, but Mian is very impressive. I would highly suggest his services. Very satisfied with Mian's work and professionalism. He is extremely prompt and responsive. I would highly recommend his work.” -- MICHAEL J. SPARKS (USA)

“Mian is incredibly professional and thorough with the work he offers. In his profile he mentions that he thinks like an author and I know with this type of project that is incredibly important and his experience in that area shone through. Mian offered tips I can use to make my work a success and was a pleasure to work with. ” -- ROBIN NORGREN (USA)

“Mian is responsive to tweaks and changes of design, patient and flexible.” -- BRUCE J. BUCCIO (USA)

“Great work. Fast. Responsive. Will use again.” -- CHRISTOPHER SMALL, Seattle Ticket Kings (USA)

“Mian is easy to work with” -- AL WILLIAMSON, Catalytic Landlord (USA)

“Mian's great attribute is his ability to get the job done fast. His timeliness is a lesson to all those people who dawdle when servicing clients. First class. He is, too, a willing and professional communicator who aims to get what you are aiming at.” -- OWEN STICKELS (Australia)

“The ebook covers and interiors produced by Mian Mohsin Zia fully met requirements and the job was completed before the deadline. The contractor gave valuable presentational and marketing advice.” -- MICHAEL H. COLLINS (UK)

“The communication was very strong and you know exactly what is going on with the project. The turn around time on work is significantly above average, from my experience. I would definitely use again on  a book project.” -- JEFF MORRIS (Canada)

“I was amazed with the work. Mian is a gem!” -- ADRIAN JULES (USA)

“Amazing work. Very professional and responsive. I am very happy with my Ebook cover and Mian went above and beyond my expectations. Great value and I would definitely recommend his work!” -- COLIN AYLIFFE (Bermuda)

“Great work. Very responsive. Thoroughly satisfied with the product and whiteboard animation as an extra added bonus. Will hire again.” -- KAYLEE WICKLINE (USA)

"Excellent work, done quickly and well within schedule." -- POWER CURVE MARKETING (USA)

"Mian is very pleasant to work with. He finished my project in record time. He was great with communication and did a fantastic job. I definitely recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future." -- EBONY KENT (USA)

“What an outstanding job on my project. Very prompt and professional. Had great ideas and keep great communication. I will be using him again.” -- ERIC BAILEY (Australia)

"Mian did a very professional job on my eBook cover. I asked for a final change of image, after checking the cost of stock photos, which Mian was happy to provide. Very fast turn around and prompt responses throughout." -- MATT AMBROSE (UK)

"Excellent work done in a timely manner. I will use him again." -- MIKE WYNN (USA)

"Mian Mohsin is an excellent communicator, was extremely professional, had a great deal of subject matter expertise and executed an outstanding product in a timely fashion." -- GRETCHEN GLASSCOCK (USA)

"Mian was fast on his delievery. He was always available and the quality of work is AMAZING!!! I will hire him for all my projects like this going forward." -- ERIC HABERERN (USA)

"Great job Mian. Thank you so much." -- KAREN ANDREWS (Australia)

"Will be back for more assistance, thanks!" -- NATASHA HAWKER (Australia)

"Nice and fast job. Quick to make suggested changes." -- MORTEN ELM (Denmark)

“Mian is great to work with. Very quick and very precise. Delivers high quality work with which I am delighted! Thank you” -- TONY WALKER (UK)

"Mian Mohsin Zia is very thorough, responsive, and professional to work with. Mian took the time to consult me on the project. He is very quick with his changes and ensures that you are 100% satisfied with your work. I will definitely use him again. " -- MARK E. CONNELLY (USA)

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